Why is it good to have sexual fantasies?

In the end, we are animals that are programed procreate in order to safeguard the species. It is an undeniable fact.

Sexuality is innate in living beings. It’s very important to lose one’s inhibitions.


Creativity in sexual games will boost your relationship. It’s vital to seek new impulses to motivate, improve communication and recover passion in our relationship and that is why fantasies are the perfect vehicle.

Routine, stress, work, and children: there are so many factors that make our day to day life monotonous.

How mistaken Freud was when he said that happy women never had fantasies and that only unsatisfied women had them!

Sex starts in the brain; in what is visual and creative in the imagination. The brain activates the same areas when you imagine things as when you actually do them. It’s the best form of training to put into practice when the time is right; the more imagination, the more information there is and ability to react.

We should not overlook the brain but rather emphasise it; it is, after all, the sexual organ bar none.

We should all give ourselves permission to experience pleasure and enjoy the sensation of imagining playful moments. Nor should we forget that we all engage in masturbation to reach the height of pleasure and even give our partners more intense orgasms. This is the role of fantasising, of the brain and the imagination. Allow yourself to not be you for a few moments and enter into the world of fantasy.

It has been proven scientifically that those who are sexually repressed can end up suffering serious problems relating to sexual repression.


Fantasies help to:

-Reduce stress and tension.

-Boost the libido in the relationship afterwards

-Break the monotony and the humdrum in our sex lives

-Serve as the perfect vehicle to escape and let the body flow towards pleasure

-Eliminate anxiety

-Get to know our body and sensations better

Should we share them with our partner?

This is one of those questions to which there is no single answer since what works for some people may cause a crisis in others.

However, if there is one common recommendation, it is that we should ensure that our partner is also interested and that the result is going to be positive and enriching.

There’s a very fine line between saying “Darling, don’t worry; I’m very liberal” and it turning into a serious, irreparable conflict: “You’re a pervert.”

Be well aware of the fantasy because if it concerns having sex with your brother or with his friend, it’s not very amusing and it would be perfectly normal for them to react badly, even going so far as to feel offended. If we see that it is not a good option, the best thing to do is to keep it in our imagination and indulge it when we are masturbating alone.

Avoid conflicts and leave it up to your imagination to enjoy it. We should not forget that such fantasies are only in our mind and that it does not mean that we have to actually act them out in real life; in many cases we simply imagine them and fantasise for our own individual enjoyment and it does not necessarily have to be shared.

Can fantasising stimulate desire?

Yes, the main thing is not to feel guilty about what we desire. In actual fact, you can feed and boost your desires with erotic books, stimulating articles, videos and, most common of all, porn or erotic movies as well as the Internet.

Tupper-sex gatherings (increasingly fashionable among all kinds of women) are also really good fun. Anything helps. You will come across new products, devices and even places where you can find and share interesting material about how to fantasise and be sexually active with your partner.

In the end, fantasies are just acting out things we visualize; they do not have to be good or bad, they are just fantasies that, in most cases, when acted out are a great help in promoting a good, healthy sex life with our partner.



I recommend the best fantasy to you. Anything that really gets your adrenaline going: sex in a public place, out in the open (the beach) and, of course, with a man who is not your partner but who really turns you on thanks to their physique. Interracial sex, for example, is far from a myth; it is a reality: scientific evidence shows that sex with someone of a different race provides a considerable boost in terms of excitement and the adrenaline.

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