Game of Thrones beauty, Rose Leslie, starred in a sizzling hot shower scene in the recent movie Honeymoon while two more of Hollywood’s sexiest stars, Kirstin Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, also enjoyed an erotic shower in the futuristic 2016 movie, Equals. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is discovering the appeal of sex in the shower, so today we are going to take a peep behind the shower curtain to find out what is so sexy about making love in the shower as well as offering a few tips. Needless to add, for anyone visiting Barcelona in the near future who would like to explore this sexy subject and add it to their erotic repertoire, make a beeline for, whose experienced, highly sensual escorts know full well how to turn this most mundane of daily habits into an experience that may change your sex life forever.

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There are many reasons why shower sex is really “in” nowadays. To start with, it doesn’t feel like you are having normal, everyday sex – as everyone knows, variety is the spice of life: just having sex in bed gets boring after a while, so exploring sex in out-of-the-ordinary places is a real turn-on. Kissing, embracing and making love in the shower are all guaranteed to give you and your lover plenty of new feelings and sensations and even bring you to mind-blowing orgasms. Try it after you get up in the morning and discover what a difference it makes to your day.
Alternatively, take your time and turn it into a drawn-out romantic session together by dimming the lights and lighting some fragrant candles. And don’t be in too much of a hurry to have penetrative sex. Being in the steamy, enclosed environment of a shower with your partner gives you the chance for some seriously sensual foreplay, so take your time about it. Start by lathering each other up with some high quality soap or gel and enjoying the sensation of exploring each other’s bodies. Make the most of the setting to experiment with different textures and sensations during foreplay. Use oils, washcloths, sponges and loofahs to stimulate each other’s senses. Be creative and see how much fun you can have like this.

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Oral sex is especially exciting in the shower: drive each other crazy as you lick and suck one another beneath the running water. There is nothing that excites a man more than seeing a naked, dripping wet woman giving him a blowjob, while women love the sensation of being licked out as the water cascades over their bodies.
As for safety, as long as you don’t take up any risky positions—especially ones where you have only one foot on the ground— shower sex is safe and fun. Buying a shower mat with suction cups means there is no chance of slipping or falling over in the shower. Here are a few positions the work really well: Against the wall – In this position, the man pushes his partner up against the wall, entering her from behind. This posture provides plenty of balance for both partners in addition to being a super erotic experience for the woman, who is pressed up against the cool tile wall. Bent over – This is similar to the last position, except that, in this case, the woman is bent over at the waist. This allows for deeper penetration as well as providing an opportunity for her to lean over and hold onto something for extra stability. Standing – This position works well as long as both partners are well matched when it comes to height. Lastly, if your shower unit is spacious enough, making love doggy-style works really well because it is the ideal position for deep penetration while being very stable.
Make sure you’re well prepared beforehand— there is nothing worse than getting all steamy together in the shower then having to jump out of it while dripping wet to get whatever protection you use or the sex toy you feel like playing with. If you use condoms, bear in mind that certain soaps and oils can weaken them, which can lead to them tearing. On its own, water is not a great lubricant and it can even wash off the body’s natural lubrication, leading to friction and, eventually, discomfort. For that reason, having a quality lube (preferably, not water-based or oil-based) at hand is a good idea. Silicone-based lubes do not wash off in water, making them perfect for some wet, slippery fun. Failing that, try hybrid lubes that combine the advantages of water-based lubes with the resilience of silicone-based ones.
Have fun!

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